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1 Sheet Matala Pond Blue Filter Mat Koi Media Pad 19″ X 24″

The open, highly aerobic 3 dimensional structure of Matala Filter Media promotes healthy water conditions and ease of cleaning in a wide variety of filter designs.

This is simply the most effective, longest lasting, crush resistant filter material available today! You’ll see it featured in every major Pond & Koi & Fish Care Magazine.

It is a vast improvement over the OEM filter mats standard with most filters/skimmers today & a fantastic upgrade for any brand filter or skimmer!

Product Features

  • Very resistant to plugging & easy cleaning.
  • Excellent surface area per sq. ft. with good adhesion of nitrifying bacteria.
  • Non-toxic to the environment.
  • Light weight. Versatile and durable
  • Easy to cut to fit with a pair of Heavy duty Scissors, or utility knife

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