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Algreen 35002 Hampton Urban Balcony Deck Pond with 500GPH Pump

Bring outdoor elegance to your balcony or deck with Algreen’s hampton urban pond with 500 GPH pump. This easy-to-install pond kit can be tucked away in a small space, such as a patio, deck or balcony. The kit includes a 26 x 24 x 20-inch preformed pond, a SuperFlo 1300 pump, fountain heads and an optional underwater light. Suitable for above-ground installation. Backed by a 2 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Product Features

  • Hampton urban pond from algreen
  • Easy-to-install pond kit can be used on a patio, deck or balcony
  • Includes a 26 x 24 x 20-inch preformed pond, superflo pump, fountain heads and underwater light
  • Suitable for above-ground installation
  • 2 year limited manufacturer warranty

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  1. Mom of 2 Girls "Emily H" says:

    LOVE it! Beautiful, quiet and peaceful, and versatile. FYI – If you have kids, they *will* want to spend the first week asking, “Mommy, can I put my hands in the fountain?”We have this on the corner of our deck. I love the bubble style fountain head, as pictured. However, there are other options, many more vertical and “spray”-like. Those are best left for a garden rather than a seating area (unless your guests enjoy a sprinkle).A strong sustained wind will take the water volume down by about 25%, but I’ve only refilled it (partially) twice in the month I’ve owned it.I am extremely noise-sensitive. The filter motor is only mildly noticeable over the peaceful trickle of water. I have wanted a water feature for many years, and I am so glad (after MUCH research) that I chose this one.

  2. S. E. Poole says:

    I only paid $82.99 for this with no underwater light. I just received this kit yesterday and already have it set up with a dozen goldfish on my screened in patio. I live in Florida so this will be a nice year-round addition to my home. I would not pay over $100 for this. I paid $82.99 and mine did not come with an underwater light. I am dubious that would add that much to the price. This is very sturdy and not ‘thin’ plastic, as one reviewer complains. It is very lightweight, however. The pump assembly is not difficult to figure out if you look at the pictures on the box. The plastic is very plain and it would be nice if it was made to look like stone. A good artist could paint it to look much better. I put plants and conch shells around mine to improve the look. You could also add live plants in the water to improve the look. Overall, for the money I paid, I am very happy with my purchase. It holds about 35 gallons of water.

  3. Roberto K. Cho "chorobe" says:

    Overpriced, does not look as good as it does in the picture. I think this item is overpriced to be honest, but it still is a purchase I don’t regret. The pond part definitely looks plastic (because it is plastic!), I wish they added some kind of better texture to the exterior. Initially I was looking for a plant vase but I couldn’t find any that would fit in a corner like this one. The plastic isn’t very thick (in my shaded patio, I could see the shapes of my bigger fish swimming by through the plastic), the whole pond is very light. Based on the top ledge, you would think that that is how thick it is overall, but it is just an illusion unfortunately. The plastic just folds like that, i.e. if you flip it upside down with water in it, all the water will not be able to pour out because of this “hollow” ledge part.The pump is very confusing because it has so many extra parts. There is one sheet that I would just stick with in terms of assembling it. It does come with extra accessories to raise the fountain part higher, but you really don’t need it for the height of this pond. In fact the lowest height it will go is just fine. There are 2 knobs along the pipe that leads to the fountain that you need to play with. One is actually for the waterflow for the fountain, and the other is the knob for the powerhead? flow. So basically with this pump you get the cool fountain effect, plus you get the water flow throughout the inside of the pond itself. As the other reviewer mentioned, you get 2 different fountain effects, one is the fountain pictured, another is variation on it (like a clover), and the last is more of a sprinkler style. I have not tried any of those but when I do I will post pictures here. I have mine setup so that the flow to the fountain is full open, and the powerhead flow is what I adjust, if I close it down, the fountain grows, if I open it up the fountain shrinks. This pump definitely can create bigger fountains than this pond can support…I had fun creating big and small ones. I got it just right to minimize the sound while still being a decent size. Again you really have to play with it and experiment, but it is fun to do so.I put fish in mine, don’t forget to put water conditioner and normally you should start with only 1 fish so that the pond can cycle, but I just dumped the fish I had in my old “pond” (which was just a plastic storage container!) and they seem to be just fine. I believe the website for this product mention that it is a 35 gallon capacity.

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