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Better Bath Deep Water Bath

Deep water bath overflow cover allows you to fill your bathtub with more water by overriding the overflow drain of your bathtub. Featuring a clear vinyl construction, the tub overflow cover is durable for years of use. This clear overflow cover is treated with fungicide to prevent mildew from forming around the overflow drain.

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  1. H. Ann says:

    Great product. I was very skeptical when I first opened the package because the suction cups were small and very rigid. However, it works GREAT, and adds about three inches of water to my super shallow tub. For the first use, I do recommend soaking the cover as the tub fills – the warm water softens the plastic and suction cups.

  2. gadget gal "gadget gal" says:

    Works very well. This does not give a tight seal to the tub/shower, but still works, go figure! I thought it might not work in one tub, due to a shelf/indent above the overflow valve, but it doesn’t need to seal all the way around. A half-moon bottom seal will still keep out enough water to allow a deeper bath!

  3. Mehetabelle "mehetabelle" says:

    Purrrfect for the long, aromatic, bubbly bath! I use mine every time I take a bath, with water up to my neck instead of barely covering my hips.

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