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Better Homes and Gardens Water Gardens: Pools, Streams and Fountains (Better Homes & Gardens Gardening)

This complete illustrated guide to water gardens will help anyone create a beautiful backyard.

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  1. G. W. Powell says:

    Pictures are good but missing details After readign the other reviews I purchased this book. I am very disappointed. I had a lot of questions and this book failed to answer them. It is not very detailed or complete. I found the book “Waterfalls, Ponds and Streams” to be much more detailed and complete. It provides much better quidance in building a pond and stream.

  2. Midwest Book Review says:

    All the reader needs to know about adding a water feature to one’s garden Water Gardens: Pools, Streams & Fountains Is A Better Homes And Gardens how-to manual packed with all the reader needs to know about adding a water feature to one’s garden. Chapters cover how to design and plan a water feature, including choosing the right materials and arranging a proper water source, electrical source, and usage of pumps; constructing an indoor or outdoor water garden; enhancing a water garden with seating, paths, decks, lighting, or other features; maintaining a water garden; ideal plants and animals for a water garden, and much more. Methodical instructions and full-color photographs on every page make Water Gardens simplicity itself to use. Highly recommended for anyone interested in adding a water garden to their home.

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