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Carp Fish Koinobori Windsocks, 23 inch Nylon Set of 5 #L47

Colorful set of five Japanese Koi (fish) windsocks to hang for decoration. One each of blue, black, red, green and purple windsocks, each 23 inches long.

The set of long lasting koinobori nylon windsocks each have a string for easy hanging!

These koinobori windsocks can be used indoors or outdoors for a colorful, festive decoration! Great for Girls and Boys day!

A gold sticker embellishes each carp windsock’s eye!

Product Features

  • These make nice decorations or party favors!
  • The nylon material holds up well outdoors.
  • Colorful and festive!
  • Set of 5 pieces, each 23 inches long
  • Koinobori for Children’s day!

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One Comment

  1. Italophile says:

    Lovely Koinobori I’m very happy with these colorful, traditional fish windsock. They dance on the line like real fish…and the golden eye catches the glint of the sun. Great product and the vendor did everything exactly according to plan. Highly recommended.

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