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Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish

A lavishly illustrated reference covering all aspects of keeping fish, the Encyclopedia of Aquarium & Pond Fish is the first book on the market to provide care and identification information on all types of fish for every possible environment, from indoor aquariums to outdoor ponds. The book contains a directory of over 800 of the most popular fish-freshwater, saltwater, coldwater, and tropical-showing not only what each fish looks like, but what food they eat, which species they can cohabit with, how big they grow, and much more.

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  1. J. Gilliland "anmldr2b" says:

    Best Fish book I have found so far! This has been the best basic fish book I have found so far. I have many different ones (not specializing in a particular species of fish) and have found this really helpful. It even has a a list of symptoms that your fish may encounter during it’s life and lead you to a diagnosis and how to care for when it is sick with a simple table and pictures. I found this unique in the way it was set up and that no other book I’ve seen has that.The pictures are absolutely stunning and beautiful. It made me want to research further into species of fish I have never heard of before. It has many fish of pond, marine, and freshwater habitants, but also invertebres and plants.I highly recommend a beginning aquarist to the experienced aquarist to get this. It’s not the most technical book out there but it’s such a good book to have on hand to refference at any time.

  2. Shirley Jean Schrock says:

    simply fish ! This book is also very helpful, we have three tanks & an outdoor pond the information covered everything we need to know, thanks

  3. Michelle E Sam says:

    Best Pond Fish Book I bought this book for my husband, and he said it’s the best book he’s read on the subject. We’ve had a 150 gallon aquarium with koi for over 15 years, and it’s good to have a reference book for tips and advice.

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