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House Of The Four Winds [slide]

Creator: Lake Forest Garden Club
       McBirney, Hugh J., Mrs

Architect: Shaw, Howard Van Doren

Landscape Architect: Nichols, Rose Standish

Creator: Coffey, Jack C., M/M

Type: Projected media

Date: 1930

Topic: Summer
     Spanish gardens
     Water jets
     Garden borders

Local number: IL009001

Physical description: 1 slide: glass lantern, col.; 3 x 5 in

Notes: The garden is styled after Generalife gardens in Grenada. The garden was planted by Rose Standish Nichols. The sculpture is of Mercury. The 1933 Garden Club of America Annual Meeting Book. The garden was on tour for the Garden Club of America Annual Meeting in 1919. Herbert Croley of The Architectural Record said of the house – "A truly American Design"

Place: Illinois
     Lake Forest

Persistent URL:http://siris-archives.si.edu/ipac20/ipac.jsp?&profile=all&source=~!siarchives&uri=full=3100001~!181917~!0#focus

Repository:Archives of American Gardens

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  1. lorena huertas says:

    It´s Giambologna, the artist who made the scultpture of the Mercury. There´s a copy at Louvre Museum, Paris and at Bargello Museum. Florence.

  2. cikguyang says:

    Wou!!! Great.

  3. -Merce- says:

    there’s an interesting article about the house and gardens in

  4. Healed By Art says:


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