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Jardin Aquarium Fish Tank Ponds Ceramic Air Stone Diffusers, 40mm Diameter

The Ponds Air Stone is a great way to properly aerate a home aquarium. It creates a circle of bubbles that helps keep healthy fish and adds to the beauty of the aquarium.

Product Features

  • 40mm diameter aquarium fish tank ponds ceramic air stone diffusers it is suitable for filteration, ponds aquarium and hydroponic nutrient tanks!
  • With the sands stone construction fish tank air stone can also be chemically cleaned without the risk of damaging the stone
  • It produces fine bubbles making it efficient in the replacement of Oxygen in fish ponds, tanks or hydroponic systems.
  • Size: 40mm(diameter) x 15mm(thick). Inlet Connector Size: approx. 3mm internal, 4mm external.
  • Weight: 31g; package content: 1 x 40mm diameter aquarium air stone

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  1. Ahem123! says:

    **Best air diffusers!!!** I only use these diffusers. Believe me I’ve tried them all. I have a hydroponic garden and can’t risk clogged air stones. These last forever and have a great effect on plants…. and fish I suppose!

  2. Truth Be Told says:

    Works great I use two of these in my outdoor pond (10×8)and they work great. So far this air stone has not clogged up, it is not brittle and has not fallen apart. I have it attached to my using 1/4 tubing.

  3. Zr388 says:

    Way more powerful than I thought! I bought this for a five gallon tank and I am so relieved I will be upgrading to a 20 gal soon, this is way too powerful for my tank. That’s okay! I’m extremely satisfied with how powerful the stone is and how many bubbles it lets off.

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