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Koi 101 – Taking Koi Images

One of the most essential things to do in keeping track in your craft as a koi breeder is by taking koi images. Koi images are fundamental tools in taking care of your koi, this is done to supervise their growth and progress. Most often, breeders and professionals take images of their koi not only to keep track but most especially when they intend to sell or market it through the internet.

One of the major difficulties in taking images is that koi fish do not stay still in the pond. They constantly move around the pond which makes it difficult to capture. It is also difficult to take angles of the fish especially if there is an element of light since the water in the pond deflects light.

If you are new into koi photography, here are some tips that may help you in achieving your picture perfect koi.

· Koi images are normally shot with the fish in the pond. The complexity there is that the photographer has to look for an excellent angle or to wait for the fish to rise on the surface. Some photographers suggest by getting the fish out from the pond and place it inside a bowl to minimize its movement, thus, you can take better images of it.

· To capture the picture perfect moments, set your camera in high speed. This is done to get the images you want without the blur.

· Take images of your koi using a background that would contrast its colors. For example, black background for white/red fish or white background for black/gray fish. By doing this, you will further enhance the vibrant colors and the beauty of your koi.

· The more the merrier as they say. When taking images, take as much as you can. Grab the opportunity by taking pictures at different angles because for sure, not all the pictures that you are going to have are good.

· Point of comparison. Try using a tool that you can compare with the fish. For example, using a ruler, this way; you can determine the development of your fish on how much it has grown.

Taking koi images is not as easy as it looks. You just have be patient all the time since your subject is quite difficult to handle. Make sure that you give your koi fish an extra tender and loving care so that you won’t stress them out.

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