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KOI Medical Scrubs Lindsey Pant White Large

The KOI Lindsey Pant has a modern waist and a boot-cut leg. It features an adjustable ribbon drawstring and come with plenty of pockets. Other functionality included are a utility loop and a D-ring. There durable and comfortable pants are multi-stitched and are made of 55% Cotton/ 45%Polyester. Inseams: Regular 31”, Petites 29”, Talls 33

Product Features

  • Modern Waist
  • Boot-cut leg
  • Adjustable ribbon drawstring
  • Plenty of pockets, utility loop, and D-ring
  • Inseams: Regular 31”, Petites 29”, Talls 33

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  1. Dr. Joy says:

    Comfortable and functional I am an ER physician in an extremely busy ER. These scrubs are comfortable and have enough storage for all the equipment I may need on hand throughout my shift. Does not change shape after washing. Can be subjected to frequent washes without fading. And best of all, they are stylish and do not give you the dumpy shapeless look of most scrubs. This is my third pair of Koi Lindsey scrub bottoms and I will continue buying them in the future.

  2. Sheena says:

    AMAZZZZZZZING Can not even begin to express how much I love these pants!! Having to wear white in my RN program I have had to try out several brands to make sure nothing shined through (yes I am aware you need wear nude or white undies). These srubs are comfy,stylish, have good size pockets and material is plenty thick enough to cya….cant wait to graduate and pick up more of these in different colors

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