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Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7-Pod Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, Black

Enjoy the taste and fragrance of fresh herbs, vegetables and salad greens grown right in your kitchen. The AeroGarden grows them all with no dirt, mess or pesticides. Plants grow in water, nutrients and air, up to twice as fast as plants grown in soil. It’s easy, foolproof, and 100-Percent guaranteed. It’s self-watering and self-feeding. The AeroGarden automatically controls the built-in grow lights and tells you when to add more water and nutrients. Free Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit grows Genovese Basil, Dill, Chives, Mint, Cilantro, Thai Basil and Parsley. Seed kits for cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, romaine lettuce, petunias and more also are available.Enjoy fresh greens at every meal no matter what the season. With AeroGrow’s AeroGarden garden kit, it’s easy to cultivate lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, edible flowers, and more in an energy-efficient, organic-based environment right in the kitchen. This compact chef’s tool includes everything the indoor farmer needs: a preseeded bio-dome grow pod, two daylight-spectrum bulbs, nutrients, and a helpful tending and harvesting guide complete with recipes. Just follow the simple instructions to set up, and the growing process starts immediately, with germination occurring within 24 hours and a mature plant that is ready five times faster than if grown in soil. The AeroGarden system monitors itself to create ideal growing conditions for each plant and alerts you when it’s time to add more water and nutrients. No dirt or natural light is needed, so even low-light spaces are suitable. Plug kits for many kinds of plants are available from AeroGrow.

Seven Reasons Gardeners Love the AeroGarden

1. Garden all year round
• Extends the growing season to 365 days a year
• No weeds, no pesticides, no mess
• No land? No problem. Perfect for gardeners in condos, high-rises, and apartments.

2. Fresh homegrown herbs and vegetables, right in the kitchen
• Garden-fresh food available all year round, “right off the plant and into the pot”
• Grow a wide variety of salad greens, tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, flowers, and more

3. Revolutionary aeroponic technology–plants grow in air and water, not dirt
• NASA-proven space age technology; plants grow five times faster than in dirt
• Grows hundreds of dollars of herbs and vegetables every year
• Guaranteed harvests in 28 days (herbs and salad greens)

4. Plug-and-grow simple–100 percent success guaranteed
• Grow lights included to ensure healthy growth without a sunny window
• Preseeded bio-dome grow pods ensure 100 percent germination, often within 24 hours
• Microprocessor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery, light cycles, and water flow for specific plant types for healthier growth
• Reminds you when to add water and nutrients

5. Easy, no-mess seed starting for transplanting into outdoor gardens
• Grow indoors to maturity and harvest or use as a seed starter for outdoor gardens for a head start on the growing season
• Seeds germinate quickly and establish healthy root systems for transplant
• Oxygen-rich growing chamber is ideal for propagation and rooting of plant cuttings for cloning plants of your choice

6. Convenient, no-mess, hassle-free growing
• Plant in minutes, sprout in days, harvest continuously for months
• Low maintenance–healthy, vibrant gardens in less than 10 minutes a month

7. Organic-based, timed-release nutrient tablets for healthier plants
• Perfect nutrition and pH balance with more than 60 macronutrients and micronutrients for optimal plant health and abundant harvests

The AeroGarden System

The AeroGarden Includes:

1. Built-in plant-lighting system
• The full-daylight-spectrum, energy-efficient grow lights allow you to grow anywhere with no natural sunlight needed.

2. Aeroponic optimizing chamber
• Creates a near-perfect rainforest growing environment.

3. Computerized “smart” garden technology
• Built-in microprocessor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery, light cycles, and water for specific plant types
• Built-in light timer turns lights on and off
• Built-in reminder system automatically alerts you to add water and nutrients

Free seed kit also included with each AeroGarden:

A. Preseeded bio-dome seed pods
• Enclosed in their own mini-greenhouse for ultra-fast germination

B. Timed-release nutrient tablets
• Perfect plant nutrition with 85 macronutrients and micronutrients for optimal plant health.

C. Tending and harvesting guide with recipes
• Walks you through everything you need to know to grow and harvest your plants, as well as tips and recipes for enjoying your harvests.


Q: What is aeroponics?
A: Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method in which plant roots are suspended in air within a 100 percent humidity, highly oxygenated growing chamber. Because the roots are bathed with ideal levels of nutrients, water, and oxygen, plants grow significantly faster, are healthier, and have a higher nutrient content than plants grown in soil.

Q: How big is the AeroGarden?
A: The AeroGarden has the footprint of a breadbox and is sized to fit conveniently under most cabinets. The AeroGarden measures 16 inches long by 10 1/2 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches high when it is first set up with the lights at the lowest possible setting, and 21 inches high at the highest level. Currently the AeroGarden comes in only one size.

Q: What can I grow?
A: Salad greens, gourmet herbs, chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, cascading petunias, and several types of basil.

Q: How much time do I need to spend taking care of my AeroGarden?
A: Approximately 5 minutes a month. You will need to occasionally add water, drop in two nutrient tablets, and provide minimal tending to your plants. Most of your time will be spent harvesting and enjoying delicious, fresh food.

Q: How long can the AeroGarden be left unattended? What if I travel a lot?
A planted AeroGarden can be left unattended for up to two weeks, depending on the type of plants you are growing and their maturity.

Q: What kind of lightbulbs does it use?
A: The AeroGarden uses full-spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs exclusively designed for the optimal amount and type of light needed for robust, healthy plant growth.

You can find more information at http://www.aerogrow.com.

Product Features

  • NASA-proven, dirt free growing technology scientifically proven to grow plants up to 10X faster than plants grown in soil.
  • Easy, foolproof and 100-Percent guaranteed
  • 2 energy efficient grow lights, grow indoors anywhere, any time of year!
  • No dirt, no mess, no green thumb required
  • 20-Inch L x 12.25-Inch W x 15-Inch Minimum Height, Extends to 21-Inch Maximum

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  1. P. Schmidt says:

    Works as Advertised – Classy Product see update at end of review******************I was lamenting about only having frech lettuce, herbs, chives, and tomatoes from may garden during the long fall-winter-spring parts of the year. The refrigerated stuff from the grocery store goes bad right away and does not taste as good as the fresh stuff from the garden, either.Then I saw a Time Magazine page on the new AeroGrow AeroGarden, and I just had to try it out. After reading the AeroGrow website before making the purchase, I realized that buying one garden would not work for me, as the tomatoes cannot be grown in the same garden as lettuce & herbs. This is partially due to the large amount of room taken up by the tomatoes, and also because the lamp/watering cycle is different and finally because the nutrients are different.So, I bought two gardens, along with the Salad Greens seed kit and Cherry Tomato seed kit. Each garden comes with a mixed herb kit, so I figured to mix in a few herbs with the other seeds, and if they did not work, no big loss.The products came quickly and the instructions for assembly were very clear and well written with excellent diagrams. I came to realize that this somewhat pricey product at least comes from a company that produces a classy product (a rare thing these days). I found a space on a shelf beside the basement stairs, and placed both assembled gardens there. I also bought and placed a digital thermometer with maximum/minimum temperature memory readouts ($10 at Radio Shack), because I was unsure of what temperature extremes the plants might experience in that location (68-72 as it turns out).The seed kits contain pre-seeded planting pods. Each pod is basically a plastic cup shaped frame with two pieces of foam rubber inside the cup part, like two slices of bread with the seeds sandwiched between them. They simply insert into the seven holes in the top of the garden’s water tank. The Salad Greens and Herbs come with seven pods per kit, while the Tomatos come with three pods plus four hole plugs-the plants are bigger so three of them take up thw whole space available. The hole plugs prevent evaporation of the water through the unoccupied holes.The water tank holds exactly one gallon of regular drinking water. Well water is not recommended, presumably because of impurities, and since I am on a well I bought two one-gallon plastic jugs of ‘drinking water’ at the store for 50 cents each and filled the tanks with their contents. A pump in the tank takes water and pipes it to the rim of each of the seven holes in the tank’s top, and here the trickle of water flows into the foam sandwich of each seed pod. The foam stays moist and the rest of the water drips back down into the tank. The garden’s ‘computer’ cycles the water flow on and off according to the amount recommended for the type of plant being grown. A water level sensor turns on a flashing red light when it is time to add more water to the tank.The top of the garden is a reflector with two compact-fluorescent lamps, of the variety that has the special ultraviolet (UV) coating that causes the emmitted light to resemble sunlight. The reflector rides on a vertical pole that extends up from the garden’s base, so you can raise and lower the lamps as required to keep them the correct distance above the plants. The garden’s ‘computer’ also turns the lamps on and off according to a schedule tailored to the type of plant. If using the gardens in a place where the light might be a problem at night, you can syncronize the computer so that the lights are on only during the daytime and off when you are trying to sleep.The seed kits come with little clear plastic cups that cover each pod until the seeds have germinated, then you can dispose of them. The kits also come with a bag of nutrient tablets, which you add to the water tank when the computer prompts you to by flashing a red light. The nutrients are tailored to the type of plant being grown, and there are enough of them to feed the plants during their anticipated life span.I planted one garden with five salad green (leaf lettuce) pods, plus one pod each from the Herb kit, chives and parsley. The other garden got the threee pods from the Cherry Tomato kit; two reds and one yellow variety.Each seed pod has a label that tells you how many days to wait for plants to appear after germination. All of my plants appeared like clockwork.I have had the gardens for about six weeks now, and have been enjoying salads containing lettuce, parsley and chives plus other odds and ends from the fridge, for the last two or three weeks. The lettuce and herbs are all beautiful, with no problems from bugs or too much/too little water, excessive temperatures, etc. No need to wash the plants or check for bugs or pick off bad spots, everything goes straight to the salad bowl. What a joy! Even with only five…

  2. M. Boomgarden "Mike B" says:

    A Nice Item That Makes a Horrible Racket I bought an AeroGarden for my wife back in May. I’ll start with the positives: It’s a clever, generally well-designed item that generally functions well and is a nice addition to the kitchen. It’s really great to have easy access to fresh herbs. In fact, if not for my one big complaint, I’d seriously consider getting another AeroGarden, so we could grow a greater variety and have a continuous supply of herbs.However, there’s a fundamental design problem with the AeroGarden’s pump. After having the AeroGarden for about a month, the pump became terribly noisy, to the point where it could be heard vibrating in adjacent rooms. After running through a few steps with customer service, they sent me a new pump. However, because they’ve apparently had so many problems with the pumps, they were back-ordered and it took about three or four weeks for the replacement to arrive. Once I replaced the pump, the AeroGarden was again a welcome cohabitant, virtually silent except for the gentle sound of water trickling through the system.All was fine until I pulled out the last crop of plants and inserted new seed pods and nutrients. I thoroughly cleaned out the reservoir unit, but within a few days, the pump (a replacement) started getting noisy. I just called AeroGrow’s customer service department and they are shipping another pump.The customer service folks have been very helpful, but they’ve acknowledged that there’s a design problem. The pumps get noisy because tiny bits of root or nutrients get past the foam filter in the base unit, then get sucked into the pump’s impeller. A small nick in the impeller throws off the balance of the pump and they become increasingly noisy. The only answer–at this point–is to periodically replace the pump.So, just a little shy of four months into AeroGarden ownership, I will soon be on my third pump. I’m hopeful that they’ll get this figured out at some point. They’re very understanding and helpful in replacing the noisy pumps, but it appears to me that there’s a fundamental design problem. As much as I like the AeroGarden when it’s functioning as it’s supposed to, I can’t in good conscience recommend buying one at this time. I’d wait until they get this problem sorted out.UPDATE:The third pump did the trick. I haven’t had to replace it since. I’m not changing my rating, however. Overall, I like the AeroGarden, but their seed pod packages are overpriced and underperform. The tomato garden was a total bust–lots of leaves, but not a single tomato–and the herb gardens always include one or two plants that die out within a few weeks. Some herbs consistently do well–basil and parsley come immediately to mind–but others just wither and die (and, yes, I’m very careful about water levels, nutrients, and trimming the herbs appropriately).I think they could do a much better job of selecting quality plants that would actually perform well. Since this has been a consistent theme with each of the herb packages I’ve tried, I have to assume that most purchasers will have the same problems.

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