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Nelson 2 in 1 Pre-Set Water Timer 56606

Nelson 2 in 1 Pre-Set Water Timer 56606
Nelson 2 in 1 Pre-Set Water Timer 56606

The need to conserve water has never been greater. With droughts, water restrictions, growing environmental consciousness and tighter family budgets, people everywhere are looking for ways to minimize their water consumption.

Nelson timers help you keep your plants healthy without wasting precious resources. Electronic timers have the sophistication to give you the highest level of water-saving efficiency and flexibility.

The Nelson 2 in 1 Pre-Set Timer provides short time increments perfect for use with drip systems (Rainscapes), as well as longer settings for general lawn watering. It is super easy to use with no programming required and 18 pre-set water selections – 9 ideal for lawn watering and 9 for drip system applications.

It has digital LCD display, automatic on/off function and metal ergo swivel coupling, and the reliable diaphragm design ensures longer battery life. Two AA batteries required (not included).

18 pre-set watering selections plus auto on/off

  • Digital LCD time display
  • Superior ease of use, no programming required
  • Metal ergo swivel coupling
  • Reliable diaphragm design for long battery life, requires 2 AA batteries(not included)

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  1. Jennifer R. Creamer says:

    Broke in less than a month! This timer worked ok and seemed to be fairly reliable about turning on and off while it worked. It didn’t have as many settings as I had hoped it would. However, all the fittings and any piping is made of cheap, brittle plastic. I was moving a hose in the yard and the thing just snapped off the facet, and when I examined it the plastic was broken. This top fitting and pipe should really be metal since the length and rigidness of the timer puts a lot of stress there. I was very disappointed. I have had it less than a month!

  2. Allison R. Sjoblom "Alli" says:

    Great…but This sprinkler timer works great. I have it connected to my drip irrigation system to water my landscaping. Works great save for one thing. It’s got strange timer options. It has settings for 1 or 2 minutes twice a day (not sure why I would water that little), but there’s no option for 10 minutes once a day, which is really what I had wanted. I currently use the 5 minutes twice a day. It does what it is supposed to very well. Only other gripe is that it has a loud shut off, which can cause a “thump” sound in your pipes.

  3. Fishy says:

    Broke in less than a month too Mine just broke after turning it on. The plastic part inside was broken (maybe by water pressure) and the water traveled to the mainboard.Fortunately, this happened when I was home.It worked perfectly & reliably when we were on a holiday for 2 weeks and when we tested it a week before.

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