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November 15, 1907

This photo is one of a series that was commissioned by Provincial Bank in Waterford, all of properties along or near Barronstrand Street. This was probably for very mundane commercial purposes, but has left us with a photo of a lovely array of spick and span businesses from nos. 1 to 5 Barronstrand Street…

No. 1 was Gorman Chemists on the ground floor, while the upstairs windows were used to advertise a heady mix of Horse & Cattle Medicines and photographic supplies.
At no. 2 was Ward’s Saddlery, with a gorgeous display of Cunard and White Star Line signs for travel to Canada, Liverpool…
No. 3 (getting a wash and brush up from the chap on a ladder) was Joseph Knox, which at this stage was a general and hardware shop. However, from the middle of the 20th century, Joseph Knox became a very high-end seller of Waterford Crystal to Irish and overseas buyers. The owners retired in 2006 and this premises is now a Tommy Hilfiger shop.
At No. 4 was O’Leary & Co. who seem to have sold all kinds of everything, and proudly announced that they had another branch at 12 & 13 Barronstrand Street.
We only get a glimpse of No. 5, but it also seems to be offering household and garden hardware including scrubbing boards at "enormous reductions". Have since found No. 5 in another photo, and it’s Purcell & Co., Brush Stores and Irish Made Goods Depot.

Date: 15 November 1907

NLI Ref.: P_WP_1732


  1. ClickKen04 says:

    Excellent shot!
    A great record indeed.

  2. EXCELENCIA10 says:

    Buen B&N muy bonito, saludos.

  3. John Edward Ewing says:

    Nice Photo. Big Buildings. Quite a Place. Quite a Shopping Center.

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