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Rainshow’r GG-2010 Water Garden Filter System

Rainshower Gard’n Gro garden dechlorinator Water Filter System. Gard’n Gro water garden filter effectively removes 85% of the chlorine from garden hose water. Also great for bathing pets, summer time kid sprinkler activities, and for washing cars. Highly chlorinated water can kill microorganisms in the soil that are there to protect the plant and its food source. Now it is possible for home gardeners to stay away from chlorinated water with Rainshowr Gard’n Gro water garden filter GG100. Inline Filter that is perfect for gardening. Removes 85% of chlorine from garden hose water. Can be used for sprinkles or kiddie pools. Filters 20,000 – 40,000 gallons of water. Protects healthy soil ecosystem. A simple replacement filter. Does not decrease water pressure, capable of 2.6GPM.

Product Features

  • Promotes healthy plant nutrition and growth
  • Features replaceable cartridge filters
  • The Rainshow’r Gard’n Gro is completely non-toxic
  • The Rainshow’r Gard’n Gro will process a minimum of 20,000 gallons of water
  • The Gard’n Gro effectively removes over 85% of the chlorine from garden hose water

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  1. Donna Snyder says:

    No Chlorine for MY garden! I’ve been using these dechlorinators now for 20 years. I used to have a Koi pond and invariably, I would forget when filling it. Thanks to the fact that the hose was connected to this filter, I never lost a fish. Every hose in my garden has one and I have now added the prefilter as well. You really want to preserve all the microbes in your soil. Do them a favor and take out the chlorine!

  2. PedroVanGogh "Jake" says:

    Horrible Product Made of weak plastic. Became brittle after one season of light use and one of the ends broke off. Not only is it not durable, but it’s ridiculously slow at filtering. If you are watering even a small garden by hand, it will take forever to get the job done. Do a little more research and you can find something better for 20-30 more bucks, and it will definitely be worth it.

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