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Suncast RSH125D 125-Foot Water Powered Automatic Rewinding Garden Hose Reel

125-foot Hydro power auto rewind hose reel

Product Features

  • 125-Foot of 5/8 hose capacity
  • Water powered automatic hose reel
  • Smart Trak hose guide tracks hose neatly into reel
  • Hands-free rewinding at the flip of a lever

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  1. G. Jacono says:

    Doesn’t last Great concept but doesn’t last. I’ve had 2 of these. The first broke several weeks after I purchased it and luckily I was able to exchange it. Problem: It failed to reel the hose. Mechanism just keeps slipping (makes a ratcheting noise). Second one has lasted a little more than a year. Same problem. Won’t reel up the hose plus this it leaks water due to a split in one of the fittings.

  2. Marisa Nitsch says:

    We love ours… getting a second one… Well so far we had none of the problems the other reviewers have had. It works great, retracts the wheel, and its quite cool and handy. I love the storage box. We got one for the front of house and now are getting one for the back. We had no trouble or leaks with hook up, and again works and retracts perfectly. I love the box idea, can place things on top and it keeps it nice and neatly, tucked away.I will update my review accordingly in a few more months seeing how they work out. I hope it doesn’t turn out like the other reviewers. For what its worth we did purchase a no tangle hose which we use with the reel, not sure if that makes a difference or not? In either case ours from last year works great still and we are on to our second one.

  3. Tommy Wu "Tommy F." says:

    broken handle Purchased the RSH 125 Garden reel a few months ago. The plastic handle broke and it is inoperative. Sent a message to Suncast customer service however no response yet.

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