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Suncast RSS150 150-Foot Water Powered Automatic Rewinding Garden Hose Reel

150-foot Hydro power auto rewind hose reel

Product Features

  • 150-Foot of 5/8 hose capacity
  • Water powered automatic hose reel
  • Hands free rewinding at the flip of a lever

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  1. Sally says:

    Really Neat Reel The water reel actually works. Can’t imagine hand cranking 100 ‘ of hose after every use. You need to feed the hose line steadily back onto the reel or it slips to the side and gets stuck, but I much prefer the open design to the boxed-in design in which it’s a struggle to connect hose ends.

  2. Steve says:

    Auto-rewind HELP!! The unit does rewind automatically as advertised but unlike another model Suncast unit I have, this one lacks a guide for the hose as it retracts. Consequently, you need to manually guide the hose back and forth as it retracts which gets you just as dirty as a manual rewind that needs to be guided.

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