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Tetra 26579 Cylinder Prefilter for Water Garden Pumps

Includes foam insert, pre-filter tubing adapter, pump intake-tubing adapters, and 4 x 1 id tubing.

Product Features

  • Pre-filter for TetraPond Water Garden Pumps 325, 550, 1000 and 1900GPH
  • All included
  • 1 year limited warranty

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  1. John B. Goode "JBG" says:

    Excellent! This is a simple submerged pump pre-filter. I got it for my Tetra 1000 gph pond pump. It’s not very big, about 7 inches long and 4.5 inches in diameter. It comes with a foam insert already, you won’t need to buy one.What’s in the kit:1 plastic pre-filter (cylinder)1 foam core (coarse)1 4″ long 1″ diameter hose1 3/4″ tube fitting1 1″ tube fitting1 1.25″ tube fitting (fits my pump but doesn’t fit this filter!)Using the fittings and the hose you attach the pre-filter to the pump. The pump draws the water in through this pre-filter and basically works as a coarse filter to catch large pieces of junk in the pond from fouling up the impeller in the pump motor. I’ve used other filters like this before and you’ll need to remove the foam insert at least once a week to clean it out with a jet of water from the hose. If you don’t, the water intake will be slowed down considerably and that could damage the pump.The surface area of the filter material isn’t great so I’d only recommend using this for smaller ponds (maybe 500 gallons or so) but so far it works great. With the warming of the weather there has been a lot of new algae growth in the water and over night this filter pretty much cleared the pond of the stuff.One problem with this filter is that the fittings don’t really fit like they’re supposed to. The outlet of this filter is 1 inch and the inlet of my Tetra pump (which it is supposed to work with) is 1.25 inches, so you’ll need to buy some adapters and hose clamps from the hardware store. I also attached a handle to the filter opening so that it will be easy to open and take the filter to be washed. Overall, once you’ve got the adapter this filter works great, and it’s a really great price as well.Update: I had to go to the hardware store to find step up and down adapters because the filters and the pump had different size hoses but I’ve found that Laguna sells hose fittings and adapters that make connections between different sized hoses a snap. Just follow the links below:3 week update: So far this filter has worked extremely well. It’s very easy to clean, I just pull it up with a hook and take the foam out and rinse off. In 3 days (at the most) it filtered out all the suspended stuff that was in my pond and the water is crystal clear now. On further reading the instruction manual (which Tetra should put on it’s website as a pdf file) I’ve found that you can serially attach 2 of these filters end to end to make a longer filter, and at the current extremely discounted price, there is no reason not to!Pros:1) Price, price, price!2) Modular system.3) Very easy to maintain.4) Works very well so far.5) I’ve read that Tetra has good customer service, hope I won’t have to use them. They even have an 800 number listed on the box.Cons:Needed to get adapters for the hose because intake and outlets not fitting with other Tetra products it was supposed to, but not a big deal now that it’s done.

  2. Valerie H says:

    Great filter Easy to clean, works well in my 150 gal garden pond, my goldfish are thriving in FL! Item arrived promptly, easy to install.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We purchased two filters and it’s great. It’s easy to take out and easy to put on the clean filter. Perfect:)

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