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The EZ Guide to Building a Koi Pond: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Koi

Bring the relaxing sights and sounds of a water garden into your yard o Enjoy the colorful activity of koi as they dart and splash in a garden pond. o Grow regal water lilies, lotus and other aquatic plants. o Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of a backyard waterfall. Here is the complete guide to building a koi pond and raising these magnificent, ornamental fish. This book is chock full of useful information including: o Where to locate your pond o How to design and build a pond o Installing pond liners, pumps and filters o Adding fish and plants o Maintaining the fish pond through out the 4 seasons o Adding lighting to make your pond shine at night o How to estimate the cost of building a pond o Free Pond Cost Calculator available with purchase Plan and build your own pond with the help of detailed instructions and easy to follow photos and drawings.

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  1. Mark says:

    A good “how to” for Koi pond instruction I wanted to build a Koi pond, but I knew nothing about how to go about building a pond which would be appropriate for Koi. This book was an excellent guide, taking one from the beginning of the planning, through the construction, to the final product, a natural looking, fish and plant filled, backyard water feature. I have finished the digging (21′ long, by’ 5 to 7′ wide, and 2.5′ to 4′ deep), the plumbing for both a skimmer and bottom drain, the pump installation, putting in the rubber liner, and now I am placing rock around and in the pond. I am shooting to have the water in and the waterfalls working by Thanksgiving. Then for the fish and plants. It has been a wonderful experience and the EZ Guide was very useful!

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