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Toysmith Zen Garden

Clear your mind of chaos and achieve a greater state of inner peace with our Zen Garden!

Product Features

  • Calming Zen garden for your office
  • Includes rakes, sand and rocks
  • Comes with meditation instructions
  • Constructed of wood

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  1. Julie Rogers says:

    love my zen garden ! i love my zen garden ! i sit at a desk all day and when im stressed or anything it is a relaxing thing to play with the little rake and sand ! it sounds so weird but everyone that passes my desk uses it and cant believe what a simple thing it is but how addicting it is !!! everyone shoulw have one !

  2. Allison M. Perkel "I drank what?" says:

    very cheaply made I just received this today and while I knew to expect nothing hand crafted, I was shocked at how amazingly flimsy this thing really is. The bottom wood actually came with a huge crack; big enough to leak out all the sand. The feet were glued on with cheap glue and 3 of the 4 came off in transit. Based on the construction, I’m amazed it was even in one piece.The reason this gets 2 stars is that the accessories are pretty decent. And the sand looks fine. If this wasn’t cracked in the center, I’d most likely have kept it and it would have “worked” for its purpose. Having said that, if you are looking for a desktop zen garden, look elsewhere.

  3. AvidReader says:

    Relaxing! I tend to stress out a bit so my husband bought me this for my office as a stress reliever. I love it! It is a great way to zone out for a little while.

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