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Water in the Garden: A Complete Guide to the Design and Installation of Ponds, Fountains, Streams, and Waterfalls

Water has featured prominently in garden designs for thousands of years, hardly surprisingly–it can captivate the senses, creating visually stimulating light and movement and soothing, splashing, and bubbling sounds. In its many forms, water can be used as the focus of a new garden or to add an exciting fresh dimension to an existing one. Encompassing every aspect of water in the garden, this beautiful–but also eminently practical–book is full of ideas for incorporating water into a garden design. Ponds, watercourses, waterfalls, fountains, and small water features–from pebble fountains to troughs–are illustrated with inspiring photos, and their construction is explained in detailed text and , where applicable, step-by-step diagrams. There is also a section devoted to bridging water, using stepping-stones, timber decking, and islands, as well as a variety of bridges. But the book doesn’t confine itself to water features; comprehensive chapters on water garden plants and pond fish are no less important and give advice on choosing suitable species. How to care for both plants and fish is explained in a chapter on water garden care, which also contains essential information on water quality, filtration, pond care, and a seasonal guide. The final chapter looks at how to design, build, and plant a wildlife pond that will attract a variety of creatures–birds, amphibians, aquatic insects, and microscopic water life–and help to improve the environment as a whole. Over 300 color illustrations.

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  1. Derek Spada says:

    Informative and Comprehensive This book is extremely comprehensive and informative. It covers all of the basics and gives great advice about water gardens. James Allison provides a wide varitey of examples for people of all skill levels. I will be building a water garden this summer, and this book has greatly aided me in planning my project.

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