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Water Supply Expandable Flexible Garden 75ft X-hose

75ft flexible X-Hose as seen on TV.

Product Features

  • Super Strong and durable yet ultra lightweight
  • Absolutely will not twist, tangle, or kink!
  • Automatically EXPANDS up to 3 times of its size when water is turned on.
  • Automatically CONTRACTS back in just seconds when water is turned off.

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  1. Justin says:

    Horrible Product, Do Not Buy I bought an X-hose and it was the worst purchase I’ve ever made when it comes to gardening supplies. After a month which amounted to approximately 10 total uses of the product I suddenly heard a loud “pop!” noise from the hose. Water immediately stopped flowing from the nozzle and upon inspection I could feel that the inner rubber hose under the outer fabric layer had ruptured. I returned it to the store and exchanged it for a new X-hose, believing that I had purchased a defective one and that the next one would be better. I was wrong. The next hose lasted a mere 3 weeks before the inner rubber layer ruptured in almost the same fashion that the first one had. What really upsets me about this is that I paid a premium price for what I thought was a good product, used it gently and took care to carefully store it, and still had two X-hoses rupture in 7 weeks as I might expect from a hose that costs $2 at a dollar store. Don’t waste your time and money on this abysmally poor product. I would rate it lower than 1 Star but since that’s impossible I’ll say this: the X-Hose is the worst product you could buy for your lawn and/or garden. Do not buy it!


    Didn’t even last a month I love the idea of this hose but like other reviews stated, the hose did not last. I only used this hose maybe 6 times before it sprung a leak in the middle of the hose. Do not waste your money!

  3. Lewis Tagliaferre "lewtag" says:

    Faulty construction Mine starting leaking at the spray nozzle so I took it apart to see if it could be fixed and found the inner rubber conductor is not glued to the plastic nozzle so after it is used a while it leaks…and there is no fix…I bought a second one and it ruptured at the other end for the same reason…it is only good for very low pressure usage…good idea but bad manufacture. Too bad they cannot make it work…I wonder why…

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