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Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

Premium dental water jet with dramatically improved design, large selection of accessories. Dentists’ choice. Clinically proven. Covered lid tip storage. 6 tips included: 2 Classic Jet Tip, Plaque Seeker Tip, Orthodontic Tip, Pik Pocket Tip and Toothbrush Tip.

Product Features

  • Water jet is clinically proven to be up to 93-percent more effective than flossing
  • Advanced control delivers a water pressure of 10 to 90 PSI with 1200 pulses per minute
  • Removes debris and bacteria lodged deep between teeth and below the gum-line
  • Significant oral health benefit for people who wear braces, have diabetes, and gum disease
  • Includes 6 color-coded tips

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  1. M. Erb says:

    Very happy with this. Quiet operation, large water reservoir, variety of tips I’m very pleased with this Waterpik WP-100W water flosser. Prior to this I owned an and I was quite happy with how long it lasted. That one lasted 3 years with daily use and started to leak at the handle so I decided it was time to buy a new one. Unable to locate the same thing locally, I decided to purchase the Waterpik WP-100W and so far I find it superior to the Interplak.The Waterpik operates on 120V, 60Hz only.Measures at the base 5.5″ wide, 4.75″ deep.Cord length is about 54″ which is quite generous.It’s got a small footprint so doesn’t take up much counter space. The Interplak didn’t take up much space either, but the Interplak was very light and it was more difficult to remove the water reservoir than with the Waterpik. The Waterpik is heftier and feels more substantial and better built.I was also quite surprised at how quiet it is. Compared to the Interplak which made a LOT of noise, this is very quiet.I think the water reservoir has more than enough capacity for me and I seldom fill it all the way to the top. Usually about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way to get a thorough amount of flossing action. With the water reservoir filled completely and the pressure set to mid-range it will operate for 2 minutes 45 seconds.A large variety of tips are included, most of which I never use. But if you have orthodontic appliances, then there are tips that you will appreciate for getting around the orthodontics. there is only one standard tip however so if you are not the only person using the machine, you’ll have to purchase some additional “normal” tips for other users.I have the pressure setting set to 7 and it’s plenty powerful enough for me.The handle has a really handy button to temporarily stop the flow of water and I also really like the rotating tip feature that lets you easily manipulate the tip position while its in your mouth without having to do contortions with your hand and arm.It’s a winner. Now I just hope it lasts for years. I’ll update my review if necessary.UPDATE: August 12, 2012 – My WaterPik is now almost a year old and is still working perfectly. I use it every day. No leaks, no odd noises. It’s doing its job well.UPDATE: May 19, 2013 – Still going strong. No problems.

  2. john charles webb says:

    Say “Goodby” to the Tooth Fairy! As far as “Water Piks” go this model is pretty snazzy and seems to work quite well. It comes with 8 attachments:* 3 standard jets * 3 tongue cleaners * 1 pik pocket (cute name) for deeper gum purging and * 1 orthodontic tip (with small brush on end) for cleaning braces.- The ‘tongue cleaners’ are worthless contrivances that simulate drowning.You can clean your tongue much better with a standard tooth brush (although a coated tongue generally indicates the need for a dietary change, like more fruit, salad and less gunky foods).- The orthodontic tip seems that it will work great for braces.- The pik pocket (narrow tip) does not work as good as it should. Rather than increasing the water pressure the narrower tip actually slows it down. It may be convenient in some tight spots. It is good to have but seems to be of rather limited use compared with the standard jet tips.The standard jet tips work quite excellently (4 stars) and will surprise you with how much junk is left behind by regular brushing and flossing.- Most adult dental problems are caused by infrequent (below the gum line) professional cleaning and/or ignoring to floss. The Waterpik is designed to give you a significant ‘edge’ in keeping your teeth and gums in good condition by getting between the teeth and below (somewhat) the gum line to remove the ‘left-behind gunk’ before it turns into plaque, bleeding gums, and a myriad of problem$$$. Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of tooth-loss regardless of age.- This “Ultra” model is powerful (100 watts) and does the job of power-washing your teeth and gums quite well. The design is stylish, has a relatively small footprint, a lid that houses the attachments and which also keeps the water reservoir covered.- It is only a bit quieter than earlier Waterpik models and the hose could be about 7 inches longer for an optimum length. However, these minor design issues are insignificant with what this device accomplishes. It cleans between your teeth and along the gum line to assist greatly in preserving your pearly whites!- Amazon’s price of $49.00 (as of 9-06) is excellent and also includes free shipping. If the $49.00 seems a bit too steep then search Amazon for “WaterPik WP-72 Professional Dental Water Jet” priced at $33.26 with free shipping. The reviews are good for the WP-72 (some mechanical issues). However, both of these items carry a two year warranty.- The attachments on this unit are different from those on many earlier units, so if you intend to get any additional accessories (e.g. nasal passage cleaner, etc. – no kidding) then they must be made for this specific model or similar models.- This model has 10 pressure settings (a dial), however, anything below setting 6 would seem rather weak and insufficient (irrigation only). The handle also has a stop/start button for water flow (only). The power switch is safely on the side of the unit.- Using a Waterpik is (can be) a bit quirky, splashy and squirty. It is, never-the-less, a most excellent tool to assist in promoting excellent oral hygiene and getting the bathroom all to yourself.- I believe that the few dollars extra for this model is because this “ultra” model is a cut above. There are some Water Pik reviews stating that the recent models do not seem as durable as the earlier models. This most recent model (Ultra) seems integral, gets the job done well and is smaller and more stylish than earlier models.

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