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Xhose Expandable Garden Water Hose, 50 foot

50 foot no kink hose that retracts when empty and expands when on (full)
1 50 foot X-hose


The X-HoseTM is the incredible expanding hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its length while giving you up to a 3/4 inch diameter powerful high-flow spray. Simply turn the water on and watch the X-HoseTM grow. Turn the water off and the X-HoseTM contracts to its original length. No more struggling with heavy hoses – X-HoseTM has a light and kink-free design that weighs just one pound! Made from a tough, expandable inner hose and a folded outer hose made from super strong webbing, the X-HoseTM is like no other hose in the world. You’ll be truly amazed at how much easier X-HoseTM makes your work around the house and yard!

Product Features

  • Expanding garden hose
  • Expands up to three times of its length
  • Never kinks or tangles
  • Automatically expands and contracts
  • Lightweight for it’s size

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  1. tgabriele96 says:

    Product Looks Great But…Big But!!! When I ordered this product after watching various video reviews I was very excited. I got the product within 2 weeks which is good delivery time. When I attached hose it worked exactly as promised. Then pop. Hole in hose. Dead product! Nylon fiber is total garbage. Whenever you pull your hose over concrete the nylon frays then the hose will pop. If you notice on the video that the site promotes the concrete is painted to try to make as frictionless as possible. However, in the real world we have concrete, bricks other plants that we need to move the hose around, etc. This hose is just not durable at all. I would not buy. I am trying to return for my money back. I will update once I get credit to see how fast I get my money back or if I get it at all.Very disappointed with this product!!!

  2. bnet says:

    defective product Product worked as advertised…for about 30 minutes total. With minimal water pressure and for no reason I could discern, the internal tube within the sheath ruptured about six feet from the end of the hose. Not repairable!I notified Amazon who sent instructions for return but without the postage fees required for mailing the return. Cost of hose was promptly refunded by Amazon. I may try this product again in the future when the manufacturer has updated the quality of the product. Its a great idea and when it worked it was a joy to use!

  3. David B. Lewis "Weej" says:

    Works fine, we will see about durability We have a lot of small outside washing jobs that needs to get done on a regular basis and this looked like a great way to get them done more easily.Being HIGHLY skeptical of As Seen On TV stuff, I looked up consumer tests, BBB findings and the reviews here on Amazon before I ordered.I am puzzled by the reviews on Amazon, especially those that claim the fittings do not match their bib fittings (faucets). The Hose I got matched all the fittings I have with no trouble and when I “charged it up” it extended to the full 50+ feet with no problems. My 12-year-old was delighted and the 14-year-old found it “vaguely disturbing” that the hose would inflate and deflate as it does.The concept is pretty simple: Large diameter surgical tubing inside a sheath that expands and contracts under hydraulic pressure. My only concern is about how durable the covering will be over time.Pros:- Performs as shown and promised- Light weight- Easy to store- Fun to watch — amuse the kids and amaze the neighborsCons:- Smaller diameter than my regular hose = a little lower water volume- Concerns about the durability of the covering- Will it be thorn proof?I’ll update this in 90 days.

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