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Ying Yang Koi – Carp Asian Folk Art Counted Cross Stitch Chart

Inspired by a beautiful woodblock print. The symbolism of the Carp Koi might be surprising. To many the Japanese koi might appear to be a simple fish with a humble purpose. Japanese and other Asian cultures, the koi fish is a celebrated creature, embodying many noble qualities and ideals. The word ‘koi’ was originally used in Japan to describe wild varieties of the common carp fish. It is believed that the common carp was brought from Eurasia to China and Korea approximately 2000 years ago, primarily as a source of food. Carp are a very hardy species and can withstand long The word koi is simply the Japanese word for ‘carp’, and is generally used in Japan to describe all carp; wild or captive. There is evidence that around 1840, after centuries of keeping koi in captivity, Japanese farmers began to notice subtle color changes in certain fish. These new colored varieties were bred further and kept as a hobby rather than as the traditional food source

Product Features

  • Charted for 14 count fabric. Finished size is 14 inches (196 stitches) by 14 inches (196 stitches).
  • Exceptional counted cross stitch chart (floss and fabric not included).
  • Chart uses 48 colors DMC Cotton Floss. Full stitches only. No half stitches and no backstitching necessary.
  • We provide two charts both printed in black ink on bright white 11″ by 17″ paper.
  • Chart #1 is a single page chart. Chart #2 (tired eyes) is a 4 page enlarged chart that eases eye strain.

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