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Looking Good Beside the Koi Pond

Koi fanciers love beautiful things, and we like to look good ourselves. Part of the fun of having a beautiful pond is showing it off to others, including entertaining outdoors where people can admire your fish. But you want to look good, too.

One of the sad facts about hanging out beside the garden pond is that the atmosphere tends to be very humid. For some of us that means our hair goes flat, and we look tired and damp even when we’re not.

So what do you do? One way to stay looking good is to puff up your hair with feather hair extensions. Your hair is fuller, so it won’t flatten down around your face in an unflattering way. You will stay looking great even in the most humid weather.

In the spirit of free-spirited creativity and individual self-expression, feathered hair extensions are light, airy and beautiful. The innovator and industry leader Fine Featherheads has been leading the hair extension fashion for years with 3 to 16-inch extensions that can be cut, colored and curled to create the perfect look, whatever the occasion.

So no matter the humidity, you can look good around the koi pond (yours or someone else’s) with fluffy extended hair. No more worry about flat, thin-looking hair, and no more need for stolen sunday scarves to try to disguise it.
So in case you want to look good beside the pond, or swimming pool, or seaside, here’s where to buy feather hair extensions.

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