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Dash for the Best Deals on Koi Pond Supplies, Pumps and Other Goodies

Keeping koi is fun, but you must admit it can get expensive. Why not have some fun and get astonishing bargains without ever leaving home? You can, at a different kind of online auction site called DealDash.com.

Deal Dash does online auctions a little differently to make them more fair, fun and honest. You start by buying a bunch of bids in a bid packet. You can start with a small package and buy more later. And you can sometimes buy a bid package for as low as 15 cents a bid.

The auctions are fairly quick, which is nice for those of us who want quick results. And if you don’t win, you can still buy the item at regular price if you want to.

After an auction runs for awhile, it is closed to new bidders. That makes them more fun and fair, because no one can swoop in at the last second and grab the item out from under your nose.

There is an amazing variety on offer. You might win the latest iPad or iPhone for a few dollars, or you might get a fabulous deal on a pond pump or a set of filters, a waterfall or gardening tools.

Want to know more? Watch this quick video on how auctions and bidding work at DealDash.

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