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10 Live Trapdoor Snails Koi pond fish tank aquarium ALGA CONTROL CLEAN UP medium PUFFER FEEDERS

live and healthy freshwater snails great for alga control

Product Features

  • feeders
  • puffers
  • live snails
  • aquarium fish
  • filter feeders

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Jardin Aquarium Fish Tank Ponds Ceramic Air Stone Diffusers, 40mm Diameter

The Ponds Air Stone is a great way to properly aerate a home aquarium. It creates a circle of bubbles that helps keep healthy fish and adds to the beauty of the aquarium.

Product Features

  • 40mm diameter aquarium fish tank ponds ceramic air stone diffusers it is suitable for filteration, ponds aquarium and hydroponic nutrient tanks!
  • With the sands stone construction fish tank air stone can also be chemically cleaned without the risk of damaging the stone
  • It produces fine bubbles making it efficient in the replacement of Oxygen in fish ponds, tanks or hydroponic systems.
  • Size: 40mm(diameter) x 15mm(thick). Inlet Connector Size: approx. 3mm internal, 4mm external.
  • Weight: 31g; package content: 1 x 40mm diameter aquarium air stone

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Your Questions About Koi Fish

Donald asks…

How much do koi fish cost in Canada?

I want to buy some koi fish (any colour) but I don’t know how much they cost. Does the price depend on the size of the fish? If so, how much would a small one cost? A big one?

KoiWaterPeace answers:

If you buy koi fully grown from a breeder in Japan, then your koi could cost you from 200 to 1500 US dollars. Here is a nice breeder in Japan of excellent quality koi who will ship to Canada: http://www.kodamakoifarm.com/lover/start.php

If you try to buy koi from a local pet store, then you are most likely to only be able to find them while they are less than six inches long. It will take years for koi to grow to be more than a foot long. The advantage to buying them young is that they are sold for less than ten US dollars. Expect a purchase price of six to seven dollars per koi at the local shop. You can find pet stores near you in your local phone book or by going to http://find.mapmuse.com/interest/aquariums

Please remember that koi should be kept in large ponds that are able to support fish of that size. These are not aquarium fish. But I’m sure you know that already, so have fun and enjoy your new koi :)

Lisa asks…

Can a koi fish a cherry blossom and a mythical Phoenix Bird be displayed together as a tattoo?

Can I get some creative ideas of how to mix a phoenix and a koi fish together? as a tattoo, on the back. if you have any pictures, please post. and or some ideas. thanks!

KoiWaterPeace answers:

Ok why do you have the phoenix flying it a cherry blossom in its beak.
And it have a koi fish in its claws.

I hoped i helped.

James asks…

Where can I buy tilapia fish food? Would Koi fish food or goldfish flake food work?

I’m looking into growing tilapia fish for fun. I need to figure out where I can buy fish food for them. I’m also not sure if they would eat koi fish food or if they would like normal flake food.

Many Thanks!

KoiWaterPeace answers:

As Karma said, tilapia are cichlids so any cichlid food will work for them. If you are raising thousands of fish, then you can buy Purina trout chow from a feed store. It comes in 100 lb. Bags. It’s a floating pellet food that may be too large for younger tilapia but if you grind it up, it will work fine.

Finely ground beef heart is a high protein conditioning food you can also try. If you do it yourself, it will cost a lot less than if you buy it frozen at a pet shop. Some tropical fish books have instructions on how to make it in bulk. It should not be the only food given to the tilapia but many cichlids will grow faster and look better when it is given as a food supplement. One advantage is that it is free of parasites and pathogens that attack fish.

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